Lark Rise Pictures is a hub of visual documentation. Telling stories from around the world, we use video and photography to crystalise situations into creative and accessible films and photo narratives. Using diverse storytelling techniques and styles, Lark Rise Pictures crafts each project according to its purpose and audience. Eleanor Church, a freelance documentary filmmaker and photographer, is the core member of Lark Rise Pictures, drawing on other professionals for collaboration on a project-by-project basis.

We have extensive experience of working in documentary film and photography, reportage and environmental campaigning for independent documentary filmmakers, NGOs, photographers, community groups and commercial clients. We also offers tailor-made video and photography training courses.

Lark Rise Pictures is based in London and Madrid and available for freelance work in the UK, Spain and around the world. For more information, please get in touch at or give us a ring on +442032901034




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Eleanor Church – Director

Eleanor has been producing documentary films and photo stories for the past ten years. With a background in investigative, anthropological and creative filmmaking and photography, the projects that she has worked on have taken her across the UK and the world, in many cases, working in challenging environments. This line of work satisfies an ongoing love of meeting people and trying to understand new places and situations. Eleanor works on a variety of projects, with a particular interest in stories that focus on society, environment, human rights, migration and supply chains.

Eleanor has a Masters degree in Documentary Practice and continues to work on a wide range of documentary projects. Eleanor’s latest film and photo story (film currently in post-production) was shot in Malawi in June and tells the story of a company that broke a cotton price-fixing cartel, a problem that had heavily distorted the Malawian cotton market until recently. The film follows six key characters through their working day to draw the audience into the processes, ethics, atmosphere and life within the company. Other recent projects include ‘Sold to the Sea’, depicting the trafficking of Myanmar migrants onto Thai fishing vessels, which she filmed and edited as a one-person production unit (alongside an investigator) for the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) in Thailand and Myanmar. The film was shown on Al Jazeera, the Guardian website and Spanish national television. Other films that Eleanor has made have been shown at film festivals, also on the Guardian website and Al Jazeera, in the international and national press, in independent cinemas across the UK, at Chatham House, as well as at international governmental meetings including at the European Parliament, African Union meetings, and the US State Department. They have also been used in schools, universities and community meetings.  Eleanor is fluent in French and speaks good conversational Spanish.


Countries Lark Rise Pictures has filmed and photographed in:

Argentina Bangladesh Belgium Chile Cuba Dubai Finland France Hungary India Madagascar Malawi Mali Myanmar

Nepal Oman Portugal Sierra Leone Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Syria Thailand Turkey UK USA Uruguay



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4AM Productions - For voiceovers and exceptionally good music scores


Boomtown Studios- For voiceovers



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Christopher Harrup - For beautifully crafted animation and motion graphics



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CoQuo – web designers extraordinaire!



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Leah Marks – Brilliantly professional



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ProExposure – Great organisation that trains aspiring photographers and filmmakers from every corner of the world, empowering them to tell their own stories from their own unique perspectives